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TRX is a leading nuclear recruitment company with a core focus on helping shape and implement a zero carbon future. Our in-depth proficiencies, knowledge of the industry alongside our demonstrated experience provides us with a strategic edge to offer highly customised services. We are committed to maintaining an extensive list of global clients and a rapidly expanding network of talent.









   Our Process

We will always support you through the full project life cycle. From Front End Engineering and Design (FEED) to the subsequent stages of construction, commissioning, operation and maintenance, we offer ongoing, expert consultancy services.

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  Specialist Knowledge

We recruit solely in the nuclear sector, so we have unparalleled industry knowledge when it comes to sourcing talent for nuclear jobs. Our employees are experienced within the niche of nuclear recruitment and alongside our collaborative working environment, this gives us a large pool of knowledge when it comes to hiring effectively within the nuclear energy industry. 


  All Disciplines Covered 

We hire across a wide range of disciplines within the nuclear industry. As we work in vertical markets with consultants dedicated to their disciplines, our consultants are constantly speaking with experts in their market and building up a specific candidate pool.

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  Let Us Do the Work for You

Finding ideal employment is rarely straightforward and can be a taxing process. Why not let our experts guide you through every stage of the hiring process, to maximise your chance of landing your next dream nuclear job?


  Global Connections

We have clients utilising our consultancy services all over the world, so wherever you are, or wherever you want to go, our consultants are ready to help you secure a new opportunity. Let us ensure your skillset is valued and well placed, by connecting you with one of our global nuclear energy clients.



   Ongoing Support

After finding out exactly what you are looking for, we will ensure to maintain regular communications with you throughout the whole process so you never feel overwhelmed or unsure.



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Why Us

   Specialist Knowledge

By providing consultancy services solely within the nuclear sector, we have expert knowledge across every segment of the nuclear industry which gives us a competitive advantage over consultancies that operate across the energy sector as a whole. 

   Excellent Track Record

We have an outstanding record of providing hugely successful human capital solutions. Whether you're a client looking for talent, or a candidate looking for your next employment opportunity, we know we have the skills and expertise to perfectly facilitate your needs. 








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Find out why our past clients and candidates would choose our nuclear recruitment consultancy to find or hire for nuclear jobs.








Want to transform productivity levels in your nuclear project?

Get in touch with us at TRX International so we can source the professionals you need for your nuclear jobs. 

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